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Abdominal Pain

Written by Mystic on Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ouch, abdominal pain!

How do you describe the pain in the midsection of your body? " I have a stomachache" you say. Well, your mission should be to pinpoint the trouble and shoot it down effectively.

First let us explore the possibilities that can cause abdominal discomfort.

Well, gastritis (an inflammation of the lining of the stomach) can be one. It has nothing to do with gas production though you may have a tendency to burp in this ailment. What causes it? Gorging on spicy foods, overindulging in food or alcohol and succumbing to fever medication are the culprits that lead to gastritis. The big question is what you can do about it?
Once you have the ailment you will have to stop your binges. Do not go around empty stomach, keep a biscuit pack in your pocket.
When you decide to take a proper meal , be sure that your diet is bland. Antacids and over-the-counter medications can also do the trick.

Another common source of stomach pain is ulcer, wound on the lining of the stomach. What triggers it? Well, bacteria and the kind of habits you have could cause it. Smoking, alcohol, caffeine, aspirin and a stressful life can lead to ulcers. Steering clear of preventable triggers can provide a solution. However, you must see a physician if you suspect that you've ulcers.

And of course how can one forget constipation that can cause bouts of cramping, gas, bloating and pain in the lower abdomen. Laxative could be a one time short term solution. Need a permanent remedy? Well, make it a habit to have a big bowl of cereal everyday in your breakfast. If this also doesn't come to your rescue, consult your physician. To know more about ways to combat constipation Click Here

Menstrual cramps! A unique feminine brand for stomach trouble! Pain is caused by the spasmodic contraction of the uterus muscles and can be relieved by taking drugs such as ibuprofen.

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