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Winter Bathing Make-up and Hair Tips

Written by Mystic on Friday, January 25, 2008

Already there is feeling of approaching winter in the air. Most of us love to get tucked up in warm pullovers and jackets. But the harsh weather can play havoc with our skin and health unless we take care. If the weather makes you feel rather drab, leaves your skin dry and gives a dull and flyaway look to your hair, this article is just for you! Just read on, now is the time to give yourself a boost. So here goes:

Hair Tips: Want to have shining tresses? Well, give your hair warm oil massage, starting from the crown of the scalp and working all the way down through the hair shaft. Remember to keep your hair covered when you go out into the cold. Know why? Well, doing so will prevent your hair from getting brittle or splitting in freezing temperatures.

Hair dryers are the in-thing nowadays. But it's always better to let your hair dry naturally as far as possible. Make sure that it's completely dry when you go outdoors.

Bathing Tips: Now that winters are almost here, you must have noticed that your skin is getting dry. We give you tips to make it soft and satiny. Whenever you take bath, add a few drops of oil to the water. Even powdered, skimmed or a pint of fresh milk added to the bath water can work wonders for your skin. Keep your baths brief.

The perfect time to have bath in winters is before bedtime. This way you give your skin a long soothing opportunity to replace natural oils. However, be super generous with body creams and moisturizers.

Make-up Tips: In winters your make-up should be rich and warm. Want to make your eyes and teeth look whiter and brighter? Well, use grey blues, browns, pinks and warm beiges. These colours will enhance your beauty making you look younger, fresher and more feminine.

Here are some more handy tips.

  • Layer your make-up. We tell you how. Apply a thin layer of lip-gloss followed by your favourite lipstick, and then again a top-on coat of lip-gloss. Apply a film of moisturizer on the eyelids, then foundation and finally the shadow and highlights.
  • Chapped or sore lips are definitely not a pretty sight but these are very common in winters. You need more than lipstick to protect your delicate lips. Use Vaseline on lips and leave it overnight. It'll wok wonders!
  • If you want to prevent your hair from getting dull and dry, use shampoo frugally. Avoid holding hair dryer too close to the hair.
  • If the cold winds make your nostrils red, cream them at night. By day, conceal redness with a touch of foundation tinted slightly deeper in tone from the one you apply on the rest of your face.
  • Colds are the curse of winter. Keep them at bay by keeping your health perfect. Take large doses of Vitamin C.
  • Last but not the least, take plenty of exercise whether it is walking, playing tennis or dancing.

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