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Why the perfectionist attitude?

Written by Mystic on Saturday, January 19, 2008

Why are you a perfectionist? Well, it is likely that you believe that other people value you on the basis of your achievements and accomplishments. As a consequence, you value yourself on the basis of other people's approval. This can leave you vulnerable and excessively sensitive to the opinions and criticism of others. In a bid to protect yourself from such criticism, you decide that being perfect is your only defense.

A number of other negative feelings, thoughts and beliefs can also be associated with perfection. Lets explore these also:

Fear of failure: Perfectionists often equate their failure to achieve goals with a lack of personal worth or value.

Fear of making mistakes: Making mistakes means failure for perfectionists. They orient their lives around avoiding mistakes.

Fear of disapproval: Perfectionists try to be best in every thing they undertake so that they can protect themselves from criticism, rejection and disapproval.

Overemphasis on "shoulds": Perfectionists lives are often structured by an endless list of "shoulds". Infact this rigid set of "shoulds" rule their lives and they rarely take into account their wants and desires.

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