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What does success of fat loss depend on?

Written by Mystic on Thursday, January 24, 2008

Success of fat loss

  • Finding the right reasons and commitment.
  • Setting realistic goals, rather than blaming your genes.
  • Cut the fat, as fat has twice as many calories as carbohydrates.
  • Remember if fat free or low fat foods are over consumed, even then you can gain weight.
  • Say no to junk food eg. burgers and pizzas which may have 50 per cent to 60 per cent carbohydrates and about 20 percent fat.
  • Simple sugars should be avoided like pastries, candies and fruit juices.
  • Eat frequent meals at short intervals.
  • Increase protein intake.
  • Eat like a king at breakfast, a prince at lunch and a pauper at dinner.
  • Don't deprive yourself, eat less and stop, eat slowly and savour it.
  • Use vitamin supplements
  • Enjoy 30 minutes of activity, daily.
  • Deal with stress.
  • Get your rest and recuperation.
  • Maintain a dairy for a daily track record of diet control and exercise etc.
  • Get organised and boost your willpower.
  • Plan to maintain the weight loss by reading obesity management journals and checking your frustrations.

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