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What Causes Social Phobia

Written by Mystic on Monday, January 21, 2008

What is social phobia

Most people feel nervous in social situations, like having a job interview, going to a college reunion or giving a speech. Most of us worry about what we're going to say, do or even wear during these events. However, these events often become easier with experience in majority of people but in people with social phobia, these events and other social situations can be frightening and disabling. It usually begins in the early teens, although some people have had it for as long as they remember. Others feel it coming on later in life, as social demands increase. It often runs in families. Sometimes it can lead to other problems, such as depression.

What causes social phobia

No one knows for certain what causes social phobia. The scientific research suggests that both biological and environmental factors are probably involved. People with social phobia have also been shown to have certain biases in their thinking. For example, they often exaggerate the risks and dangers of certain social situations. The good news is that regardless of the cause, social phobia is treatable.

How does a person with social phobia feel

People with social anxiety always have this hunch that everyone is watching, staring, and making negative judgements about them. They just can't relax and take it easy in public. Even though rationally, they know this isn't true but they still can't help being self-conscious all the time. It sometimes becomes impossible for them to let go, relax and focus on something else except on the anxiety and fear. Sometimes these people end up being loners.

As with all problems, everyone with social anxiety has slightly different secondary symptoms. Some people, for example, cannot write in public because they fear people are watching and their hand will shake. Others are very introverted and they find it too difficult to hold on to a job. Still others have severe anxiety about eating or drinking in the presence of other people. Some people with social anxiety feel that certain parts of their body such as the face or neck are particularly strange looking and vulnerable to being stared at. Others experience a muscle spasm usually around the neck and shoulders and it becomes the center of their focus and a cause of immense embarrassment.

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