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Stinking Problem

Written by Mystic on Saturday, January 26, 2008


Stink free Get away! You're stinking !! Do you often hear this on the onset of summers? Your friends scurry for fresh air when you take off your shoes, during examinations you sweat so much that your paper becomes clammy, you walk in an awkward manner so as to keep your body odour to yourself, to top it all you break into a cold sweat each time a guy or a girl speaks to you. After all nice girls and guys don't sweat. All this leaves you embarrassed and all the more sweaty. You wish fervently that like your ooh! so cool friends you could also feel fresh and keep sweat free.

But here's something to cheer you up. There is no need to sweat about sweat. Actually instead of turning up our noses at it, we should be grateful for it. And why? Well, let us count the ways. Sweat helps to eliminate waste products from millions of microscopic glands scattered under the skin. It helps to maintain the body temperature by the process of evaporation by which water is converted to vapour, which in turn cools the body. Infact one droplet of sweat can chill a whole litre of blood by one degree.

So there is no need to feel ashamed about sweating. It is just 99% pure water with some traces of salt and potassium. Although, annoying, excessive sweating means that you are in a pretty good shape. And who could be a better example of this but the athletes, who sweat more than the couch potatoes.

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