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Smoking Facts for Youths

Written by Mystic on Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Smoking Facts

  • Cigarette Smoking is a known killer so why begin with a habit that can kill you
  • Smokers in the modern society are treated like second grade citizens
  • There are no second chances. Most of the people who get hooked on to smoking cannot kick the habit.
  • Most of the damage occurs when people start to smoke in their early teens.
  • It diminishes or extinguishes your sense of taste and smell and brings about abundant early wrinkles
  • More than a third of high school students who try cigarettes develop a daily smoking habit before they graduate.
  • Menthol cigarettes are as damaging
  • People say that kissing a smoker is licking a ashtray
  • Second hand smoke is as damaging to people around you
  • Sports and cigarettes do not gel, smoking soon after a good round of exercise may actually cause you much more harm than usual
  • If you continue smoking soon if would be impossible to exercise or participate in sports
  • The sooner you realize that you are a target of the tobacco selling companies the better. The tobacco companies latest motto "Catch Them Young"

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