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Pills and Youth

Written by Mystic on Tuesday, January 29, 2008


  • Modern birth control pills are much more milder versions of their predecessors with relatively less side-effects. Don't let another woman's horror story keep you from trying the pill if you're sexually active.

  • Ortho- Tricyclene, one of the many birth control pills available, is also approved as an acne medication with success in controlling moderate to high, hormonally influenced breakouts.

  • If you smoke, the risks associated with taking the Pill are increased - yet another reason NOT to smoke!

  • Although it is less common, it is still possible to get pregnant within 1 month of going off the Pill.

  • Despite advice you may have heard you do not need to take a break from the Pill.

  • When used correctly the Pill is 95% - 99% effective.

  • When used incorrectly the Pill is totally ineffective.

  • The Pill can not protect you against any STDs or HIV/AIDS.

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