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Obese Child

Written by Mystic on Monday, January 28, 2008

When obesity strikes early!

Are your wrong eating habits making your child obese? Or is he chubby due to some other reason. Read on to know the factors making your child overweight.

Factors leading to childhood obesity
Obesity in children is when you suspect the weight is 20 per cent more than the ideal body weight. It is more of a social problem than a medical problem. Our society calls such children “cute”, “chubby” and “sweet little ones”; hence a fat child is more accepted. Causes of childhood include the following:

  • Genetic factors-80 per cent of children are obese if both parents are fat.
  • Social factors-Wrong eating habits of the adults and their lifestyle.
  • Media influence-Advertisements luring the children for chocolates, 2-minute noodles, snack foods.
  • Family tensions-A lonely and defected child finds solace in overeating.
  • Medical problems-like diabetes, thyroid problem and certain drugs like steroids.
  • Insufficient exercise-spending more time in front of the T.V.

Prevention of obesity in children
Nutrition and diet - A diet of complex carbohydrates such as potatoes and pasta, as well as chicken, fish and plenty of vegetables. The main meal of the child should be in the middle of the day when he can burn off more calories. Thus calorie restriction is avoided.
Replace daily consumption of soft drinks with 4-5 glasses of water/juice/milk (toned). Thus fats and sugars should also be substituted for proteins, minerals and vitamins and a high fibre diet. “Pay attention to quality and not to quantity”.

  • Avoid sedentary activities such as watching television and get the child into a regular exercise programme or routine.
  • Avoid using food as reward to the children.
  • Reduce family tension.
  • Change of attitudes.

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