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How to Get in Shape

Written by Mystic on Thursday, January 24, 2008

Exercises! Oh! I've been thinking of taking them up to get into shape. But with my busy schedule where do I get the time to stick to them. On the top of it they are so cumbersome that somehow I don't have the inclination to work them out. If these excuses describe you, don't worry! Because in this article we'll give you some exercises that you'll love to do. And the added bonus is that they'll not only help you lose those extra pounds but will provide you with strength, flexibility and endurance. Who wouldn't want that? And you bet that they are good for your heart too!

Think it's too good to be true? Just read on

For Strength, Flexibility and Endurance

Gardening: Well, this exercise is just perfect to get to the 'root' of fitness. And on the plus side you'll beautify your garden too. So try weeding, digging and raking, it's the most wonderful way to communicate with Mother Nature- and in the process if you turn healthy, so much the better!

You must be wondering how gardening can do you good. Well, described as a light exercise by fitness experts, gardening makes a serious contribution to your overall activity level. If you're middle-aged, this moderate leisure time physical activity will make you less prone to heart disease. And it's a fun way to burn those extra calories! However, just remember that you need atleast three gardening sessions every week to reap maximum benefits of this wonderful activity!

Here's a word of caution! If you're planning to take up gardening as an exercise, just make sure to keep a cushion under your knees when you kneel. Keep your back straight and don't sit on your knees. Make it a point to stand up and stretch your legs every 10 minutes or so. Also bend at the knees and hip when picking up tools, bag of soil (don't overload it) and other heavy objects.

Stair Climbing: This is an activity that can fit into almost everybody's day-to-day life. And this is the best and the most practical way to become active. Infact, it wouldn't be a bad idea to place two signs at the bottom of the stairs that should say ' Your heart needs exercise, use the stairs, while the other should read, ' Improve your waistline, use the stairs.

Need we say more? Hold on! Research suggests that the simple act of walking up and down just two flights of stairs each day produces an average annual weight loss of about 2.7 kg in the average 80 kg man. So how about taking the stairs instead of the elevator to your workplace today?

Dancing: Dance, Baby, dance! Explore different cultures and rhythms such as Kathak, Bharat Natyam, Odissi, Kuchipuri, Manipuri, or Ballet and yes, disco too, if you're not classically inclined. The steps, patterns and music keep your mind busy while you work your heart, burn calories and tone your muscles. Before you know it, you're drenched with sweat and feel exhilarated. Moreover, dancing builds balance coordination and style in you. And what better way to meet people.

However, just watch your step! It's easy to get tangled in the footwork or overload your circuits if you're not a natural or you try too much too soon.

Jogging/Running: This versatile workout can be adapted to reflect your goals- to win a race, to reduce weight or to say goodbye to stress and strain. All you need is a decent pair of shoes and a stretch of road to run on.

What's more, it can be done anytime and under any condition. If you don't feel like running, you can stay right at your home and can job instead. It's a good way to be alone when you're in a contemplative mood.

However, take care! Pounding on the road over long periods of time can leave you susceptible to overuse injuries. Also, doing too much, too fast opens you up to injuries like shin splints.

Karate: Want to become mentally agile and physically fit? Want to improve your hand-eye coordination and balance. Well, try out blocks, kicks, and punches! Wondering what we are talking about. Karate! The upside of karate is that besides all the above-mentioned benefits it also prepares for almost any kind of attack that you could possibly imagine. It also helps build up confidence, flexibility and improves your flexes.

However, we advise you to leave martial arts to the classroom. Before you start a fight, make sure you understand the consequences of what you're prepared to do. And most importantly, never hit first.

In the end, we'll just say, go ahead; choose your type of exercise! Whether it's gardening, dancing, jogging or stair climbing, the idea is to get fit and stay fit!

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