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Headache Pain

Written by Mystic on Thursday, January 24, 2008

A mind-blowing headache!

The throbbing is excruciating, the twinge unrelenting. This is no ordinary headache, you say. There's more to it. Don't be so sure. Just about anything can fuel a head splitter- missing your morning tea, breakfast, too much of work on your hands, stress, muscle tension, colds, flu, allergies, fatigue and a low blood sugar.

And just about any headache, except of course migraine can be eased by bringing down stress and strain, exercising, stretching tight muscles, draining your sinuses with medication, eating properly, taking pain relievers or by massaging your head and scalp.

A headache is rarely a sign of a serious neurological disorder. However, you need to watch out if it is coupled with an eye pain or blurred vision. You need to seek medical help if you've it because of a terrible brain injury, weakness or loss of sensation in any part of the body, nausea, vomiting and a blackout or fainting spell. Under all these situations, we advice, you take medical help

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