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Distress Signals

Written by Mystic on Thursday, January 24, 2008

Do you know that your body too sends out distress signals? Decoding these signals is the best and the most efficient way to keep tabs on your health and of course, you'll be protecting yourself from the advancement of a variety of illnesses. Consider breast cancer, for instance. Women, who are smart enough to find and seek treatment for it early, survive! However, if it is detected at a later stage, the odds of survival drops dramatically.

The same holds true for heart attack, the number one killer disease! Conditions less appalling than cancer and heart attack may also require medical attention. And the heartening news is that in many cases your doctor can tell you how to relieve your pain and to prevent a more serious problem from developing later on.

In this article we'll deal with the four most common symptoms that we're likely to experience, what causes them and how we can decipher them. So get going and crack your body's distress signals.

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