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Carrots Health Benefits

Written by Mystic on Friday, January 25, 2008

The Power of Crimson Carrots!!!

Are you the nervous kinds? Well, we suggest that you start eating carrots to get over your nervousness because American folklore has it that carrots are wonderful to get rid of general uneasiness, asthma, dropsy and skin disorders. This is not all! We'll tell you some more. Just read on

Some "Carroty" Facts

Carrots: Good for blocking cancers: The most exciting aspect of carrots is that they possess the power to curtail the most incurable cancers, notably of the lung and pancreas. Dynamic studies have revealed that the beta-carotene in carrots retards cancer progression. Undoubtedly this is good news for all the heavy smokers. A single carrot every day can do wonders for you.

Carrots: Good for your Heart: Raw carrots decidedly depress your blood cholesterol. So if you eat about two medium sized carrots every morning for breakfast you cut your blood cholesterol by eleven percent on an average.

Carrots: Good for getting rid of constipation: Carrots have the ability to provide you relief and prevention from constipation.

Some Practical Tips (Carrots Health Benefits)

  • To get the most anticancer protection, eat some carrots cooked because cooking releases carotenes that are believed to be active agents against carcinogenic attacks.

  • Do not eat carrots in the mistaken assumption that they will allow you to continue smoking. Carrots are in no way a substitute for quitting smoking.

  • Ex-smokers especially recent quitters should eat carrots regularly to possibly shirk off smoking related cancers down the road.

Nutritional benefits of carrots

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