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9-month old boy has constant cold for a month.

Written by Mystic on Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Manifestations of cold in small children may be due to a viral infection. The manifestations of running nose and coughing can also be due to an allergy. Immunity will develop over time and the frequency of viral infections would go down. The treatment of viral infections is also symptomatic. In case of allergies, the main allergen is to be identified and to be avoided. As such the treatment of allergy is symptomatic.

The child will have to take anti-allergic medications till the allergic signs and symptoms are present. These medications usually cause sedation so don't be worried in case your child is drowsy. Giving the child warm fluids and keeping him warm will also be helpful. I would also take this opportunity to inform you that not all anti-allergic medications are recommended for children so you should make sure that you consult a doctor before giving any medicines to your child.

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