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How to Do Aerobics

Written by Mystic on Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Few Pointers for How to

  • Warm up and cool down, always. They play an immensely large role in injury prevention. The warm up should include a combination of stretching, limbering and whole body exercises that get the muscles, heart and systems ready for the workload they are about to encounter. The cool down should aim at bringing your heart rate gradually back to normal, and should stretch and relax the muscles you have worked so hard. This is important as leaving the muscles in a contracted state instead of relaxing them could cause stiffness and even muscle cramps later.

  • If you're participating in an organized class, it's natural to feel a bit self- conscious when you begin. It helps to remember that everyone in your class, even your instructor, was once a first-timer. Focus on the positive. Enjoy the group energy and the music. Be proud of yourself for taking that first step! Remember, you are not in competition with anyone, except maybe the you of yesterday.

  • Keep track of your progress every 3- 4 weeks. Use a measure tape to do this.

The Difference

You'll notice the difference in just 4- 5 sessions. If you're doing it right, you'll begin seeing the resluts almost immediately. If you don't, then review the situation- you probably missed something. Notice when you're able to do 5 more of a set or routine than when you started.

You'll notice inch/ fat loss, and muscle definition where earlier there was none!

You're clothes will be looser, and family and friends will start commenting on how much slimmer you look!

Give yourself credit for the changes you're creating today!

Aerobics: How to Build Endurance

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