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Types of Lung Cancer

Written by Mystic on Tuesday, August 05, 2008

There are several types of lung cancer. These cancers are classified according to the type of cell involved.

* Squamous Cell Carcinoma
This is the most common type of lung cancer, accounting for approximately 30% of all lung cancers. The cancers arise from the lining of the bronchi. This type of cancer is almost always associated with cigarette smoking.

* Adenocarcinoma
This type of cancer accounts for another 30% of all lung cancers. It arises from the bronchial glands and is the most frequent type to start in the outer region of the lungs. When a lifelong non-smoker develops lung cancer it is usually this type.

* Small Cell Carcinoma
About 20% of all lung cancers are of this type. It is also called oat cell carcinoma because of the shape of the cancer cells. This type of cancer is strongly associated with cigarette smoking. Unfortunately it spreads early and causes few initial symptoms so that more often than not it has already spread at the time of diagnosis.

* Large Cell Carcinoma
This type of lung cancer may occur in any part of the lung and is usually characterised by large, rounded cells. It accounts for 15% of all lung cancers.

* Other lung cancers
There are other rare tumours that account for about 2% of lung cancers.

* Mesothelioma
This is not strictly speaking a lung cancer. It is a cancer of the pleura (the membranes that line the inside of the chest wall). It is commonly associated with exposure to asbestos.

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