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Sterilisation - Birth Control

Written by Mystic on Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Tying the fallopian tubes in a woman or the vas deferens in a man to give permanent infertility. A couple may decide that their family is complete, and that under no circumstances do they want more children. This must be a decision of the couple, and not the individual woman, as the ability to have children is a joint property, not an individual one. Once the decision has been made, a further decision to choose between a male vasectomy or female tubal ligation (tube tie) is necessary. Because both these operations are designed to be permanent, even the most extenuating circumstances, including the death of a child or marriage break-up, must be taken into consideration. Some individuals do succeed in having micro-surgical repair of their vas deferens or fallopian tube, but the success rate is only about 65%, and it is not a factor that should be considered when contemplating sterilisation.

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