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Nappy Rash in Babies

Written by Mystic on Saturday, May 10, 2008

At birth a baby's skin is delicate, supple and sensitive having been carefully protected in the mother's womb. After birth this fragile skin comes into contact with the harsh elements of the environment and the way each baby reacts to these external influences as well as internal ones varies greatly.

Nappy rash
Nappies create a moist warm environment which is in direct contact with a baby's skin. Wet warm skin is easily affected by irritants associated with the baby's motions and urine, and friction, chafing and harmful bacteria.

To prevent:

  • Change nappies frequently - a new baby will need changing at least six times every twenty-four hours
  • Clean baby's bottom well especially in the folds of the skin
  • Allow nappy-free time whenever possible
  • Apply a moisturiser or barrier cream

To treat:
  • A doctor or pharmacist should check any rash as diarrhoea, medication, food intolerance or a thrush infection could be the cause

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