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Breastfeeding Newborn

Written by Mystic on Thursday, March 20, 2008

Why is breastfeeding considered the preferable method for feeding a newborn?

  • Breast milk is a complex and living fluid and discoveries continue to be made about its unique properties.

Breastfeeding is considered the best start in life because it:
  • Provides all the nutrients in the ideal form
  • Contains antibodies that protect babies from infections
  • Is free from germs
  • Protects against some diseases of later childhood and adult life
  • Bonds mothers and babies and makes them both feel warm and secure
  • Reduces the risk of allergies
  • Is convenient and economical
  • Lessens the chance of diarrhoea which is more common in artificially fed babies
  • Alters daily and even during a feed to suit baby's changing needs

What happens when you breastfeed the newborn?

The first milk made by the breast is called colostrum. It is:
  • thick and creamy yellow in colour
  • rich in special properties protective properties

After a few days the mature milk comes in.
  • The breasts become fuller due to the increased milk supply and swollen breast tissue
  • Engorgement, an uncomfortable feeling of tenderness and fullness, can occur if the milk comes in quickly. This usually disappears as baby's feeding matches the mother's milk supply.

Breastfeeding Newborn: Introduction

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