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Baby's first feeding

Written by Mystic on Thursday, March 20, 2008

Baby's first feeding routine
A flexible routine is required. No two babies are the same and a baby will not necessarily conform to a mothers' schedule or indeed to the anticipated four hourly pattern.

  • Baby should feed often and be comfortable at the breast.
  • Feeding times vary in the first few weeks at between six to eight times in a twenty four hour period.
  • Leaking milk can occur between feeds triggered by emotions or hearing baby's cry. Breast pads will protect clothes.
  • Feeding is best done in a comfortable position to avoid backache and baby dragging on the breast. Sit upright with back support, or lean slightly forward with breasts falling slightly towards baby. Stack pillows, if necessary, to ensure baby is level with breast.
  • Baby should "latch" onto a good mouthful of breast tissue. Sucking on the end of the nipple can be painful and will cause tender nipples.
  • Feeding should be a pleasurable bonding experience for both mother and baby.
Baby Feeding

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