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Best Diet to Lose Weight

Written by Mystic on Saturday, December 29, 2007

* Choose a diet that does not promise a drastic weight loss in just a week.

* If you've more than 10-20 kg to shed off, it is imperative that you've a medical check up before embarking on a new diet regimen.

* Choose low fat foods and avoid dishes with high fat additions such as cream sauces, gravies and butter. Prefer meals that are steamed or boiled. Avoid desserts or choose fresh fruits instead.

* Research indicates that higher calcium diet causes you to reduce fat accumulation and increase fat breakdown. Researchers say that calcium inhibits the formation of an enzyme necessary to produce fat. So make sure that you consume enough calcium.

* Eating oatmeal for breakfast can help curb your appetite at lunch. Researchers theorize that the fiber in oatmeal may cause this effect. Foods that are high in fiber have the ability to deceive your stomach, telling it that it's full, even when it's not.

* Recent research indicates that adding foods high in fiber to your diet can actually eliminates calories from your body. A study indicates that increasing your fiber intake from 13 grams to 26 grams will enable your body to absorb about 90 fewer calories. This is enough to make you 10 pounds lighter within just a year - without exercise!

* Any dietary program should be accompanied by exercise schedule. Exercise builds muscle, which helps the body use calories more effectively. Not only does exercise burn calories, it also helps tighten some of the "slack" left behind as that stored fat begins to disappear.

* Last but not the least, 'Be Patient'. Those extra pounds didn't appear in just two or three weeks. So don't expect them to vanish so soon.

In the end we'll just like to say that healthy weight loss begins with a plan that can be followed and adapted to a weight-maintenance program for life. Gradual lifestyle changes lead to permanent weight loss and good health. Losing weight quickly and gaining it back produces a high-fat body, and popping diet pills doesn't change your behavior. So get off the roller coaster and take control of your eating for a leaner body and better health.

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