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Causes of Cancer

Written by Mystic on Wednesday, October 03, 2007

80% are considered sporadic- meaning the cause is unknown. There are several risk

factors that increase the chance of cancer:
Age- risk increases >50.
Diet- high fat, high cholesterol diets increase risk.
Obesity- no clear link but research indicates it is a factor
Cigarettes- increases lung cancer, other tobacco products such as pipes and chewing

tobacco increase cancers of the mouth.
Long term exposure to chemicals- asbestos, radon and benzene.
Exposure to high levels of radiation
Harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun.
Some viruses- Hepatitis B, C, HPV, Epsteinn-Barr.
Immune system diseases
Recognize the special nutritional needs of cancer survivors during active cancer

Advise cancer survivors about nutrition and physical activity during the recovery phase

and beyond
Resolve controversial nutritional issues facing cancer survivors

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