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Birth Control Complications

Written by Mystic on Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Although the contraceptive pill is very safe, there are some women who should not use it. Those who have had blood clots, severe liver disease, strokes or bad migraines must not take the pill. Heavy smokers, obese women and those with diabetes must be observed closely, and probably should not use the pill after 35 years of age. Medroxyprogesterone injections are generally very safe, and by far the most reliable of the reversible forms of contraception, but problems can include headaches, abnormal vaginal bleeding, and the contraceptive effect lasting far longer than desired.

The complications of a tubal ligation are few, the main ones being bleeding and infection. The operation is safe and effective, and it is extremely rare for pregnancy to occur afterwards. The woman's menstrual cycle is not affected in any way, but if the contraceptive pill is ceased after the operation, her periods may become heavier and uncomfortable due to the loss of control offered by the pill. This sometimes leads to the misconception that hysterectomies are needed after a tube tie. After a vasectomy there may be some bruising and discomfort of the scrotum for a few days after the operation, but other complications are rare. Not all women are suited to the use of IUDs. Only about 40% of women still have them in place a year after insertion. Sometimes they can fall out, they may cause heavy and painful periods, or rarely they can cause infections of the uterus resulting in permanent infertility. During insertion, it very rarely may penetrate the uterus to cause serious peritonitis. The devices seem to have fewer side effects in women who have had a pregnancy, but there are smaller devices available for women who have had no children.

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