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Why do we sweat

Written by Mystic on Saturday, January 26, 2008

We sweat as a result of two kinds of sweat glands, the eccrine and the apocrine. The former has a number of about 2 million and are found all over the body and some parts of the sexual organs. The sweat that emanates from them is a clear, salty fluid, which contains various waste materials, which evaporates on the skin's surface to reduce the body temperature. Many of these glands are found on the thick-skinned areas such as palms of hands and soles of feet. It is due to these glands our hands and feet turn soggy when we are anxious or shy.

The apocrine glands are sparse in number and are the stinker glands. They are mainly concentrated in the armpits, the groin and around the nipples. The fluid from them is a thickish milky product that contains fats and proteins. It is called musk when we are sexually aroused and body odour when it is offensive.

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