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Soybean for Your Health

Written by Mystic on Monday, January 28, 2008

Want to promote your health in numerous ways? Well, incorporate soybeans in your diet. If you make it a point to eat soybeans you can dramatically improve your high blood cholesterol and maybe reverse the damage done to your arteries. There is also evidence that soybeans help regulate insulin levels, blood sugar, bowel functions and prevent certain cancers, notably of the stomach.

Let us discuss some of these advantages in detail.

Heart food: Scientists say that soybeans work wonders for people with genetically high, cholesterol counts, usually over 300. Eating soybeans instead of meat and dairy products for protein lowers the destructive LDL cholesterol down by 15% to 20%. This works not only in case of adults but in children too. So if you want to keep blood sugar under control, nothing can beat soybeans.

For vegetarian arteries: Good news for all you non-vegetarians out there! There is no need to adopt a vegetarian diet to rejuvenate your arteries refreshingly. Just add soybeans to your meat diet. If you take one half of your proteins in soybeans and one half in meat and diary products, you stand a chance to reduce your blood cholesterol by fifty percent.

Stonebreakers: Want to guard yourself against gallstones? Well, take a diet rich in soybeans. It is believed that soybeans possess the power of dissolving gallstones.

Good for regularity: Soybean is a legume and legumes of all types are considered excellent in promoting healthy bowel function. This is the reason that soybeans help to produce softer, bulkier stools and protect against constipation.

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Anticancer food: Soybeans help to lower the risk of cancers especially of the stomach. This is because like other legumes, soybeans are rich in anticancer protease inhibitors.

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