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What is a Gut Feeling

Written by Mystic on Monday, January 21, 2008

Most of us are very skeptical as far as our intuitions are concerned. After all our gut feelings don't have a scientific basis, we say. But hey! Hang on! Recent research suggests that intuition may have a biological basis. They argue that our unconscious emotions guide our behaviour before conscious knowledge does. And you know what? These days more and more corporate executives and Bollywood filmmakers admit they listen to their gut feelings before making any major moves. So all you skeptics out there! How about reconsidering your stance? Maybe Uday's example might convince you. Read on

The gut feeling

After working for years as software professional, Uday felt he had mastered the bidding process. He would carefully analyze the numbers and if the job looked like it would be profitable, he would bid on it by completely ignoring his uneasy gut feeling. And in most of the cases he would be in for disappointments. It was then he decided to start respecting his sixth sense. He continued with his bidding habit but now whenever he got that uncanny bid, he would decline the bid. You can say he had learnt the art of refining his intuition-his gut feeling, so to speak.

But this does not mean that intuition is a substitute for logic. Rather it's a wonderful supplement. It gives you two kinds of information-external and internal. And of course, you're not supposed to give up analytical or external information.

The researchers say that these unconscious emotions guide behavior before conscious knowledge does.

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