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Constipation Tips

Written by Mystic on Thursday, January 17, 2008

These tips may help you;

Exercise for capricious bowels

Exercise does not only help you look beautiful, but also makes your bowel movements regular. It combats constipation by moving food faster through your bowels. So if you like the free-floating fluid (from fried foods) in your diet, you definitely need exercise. If you don't want strenuous exercise, which your doctor may not advice anyway, do take regular walks. Walking is especially good for pregnant women who are often constipated.

Toilet training

Hear your body clock. Do as it suggests. Typically, if you have a regular schedule and dietary habit, you would feel the 'urge' at the same time every day. In-case, you have an 'urge' at an unscheduled time (say after a heavy meal), donot ignore it.

Releasing stress may relieve your constipation

Too much stress in your life may leave you constipated. The 'neurohormonal' changes due to stress are constipative. So if you are chasing too many deadlines at work, for instance, your body protests and you get constipated.

Have a hearty laugh

A good hearty laugh is not only an excellent stress reliever which is good for the entire body including your bowel but it also massages your intestine which helps foster digestion. So laugh your way out of constipation.


Certain medications can cause constipation can cause constipation. Among the common culprits are antacids containing aluminium or calcium, which you probably take for other associated digestive problems. Cough syrups are also important drugs that cause constipation.

Reconsider laxatives

Chemical laxatives are effective but they can be very addictive. Once your bowel gets used to them your constipation can get worse. This is not true of "natural" or "vegetable" laxatives. These are concentrated fibres which, unlike chemical laxatives, are not addictive.

Don't keep the doctor away

Rarely constipation can signal a serious disorder. Do see a doctor if your symptoms are severe and lasts for three weeks or more. This is also essential if a distended abdomen accompanies your constipation.

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